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Dog training

I have enjoyed dog trading for almost 30 years.  Initially I was heavily involved with the sport of Schutzhund.  For those who don't know about it, it originally was developed in Germany to provide a means to promote the German Shepherd.  It is a test of temperament to develope a stable and productive dog. The tests involve tracking, obedience and protection.  In Germany the dog had to pass all three events to qualify to be registered.  There is a lot more to but that's the just of it.

The Americans have taken it to a sport where passing is not enough, highest scores count, like all of our competitive sports.

its probably the most difficult of dog sports as it takes a very good dog and trainer just to pass the test.  The truly great go on to national and international competition.

There are 3 levels titled Sch l, Sch ll, Sch lll.  Each much more difficult than the last.  It is judged against an international standard so you must be at that level not just the best of the local or dogs entered.

Many people simple purchase a trained dog and just train to maintain it and compete. However there is a special " club" for recognition of those who have trained from a puppy to the third level called Schutzhund lll club.  It the time I qualified for this only 200 had done this in the U.s. A. 

Its an extremely demanding sport requiring almost daily training and weekly group lessons and training.  Protection work is especially demanding. There are all kinds of numbers flashed but in reality only about 5-10% of today's GSD dogs are even capable of level 3 protection.  Many police department purchase these dogs but continue even more advanced training.


today I no longer play much in the sport other than advise.  I'm much more into " street dogs" similar to Streetrods.  In other words I want my dog to be comfortable with anything that comes around when we are out and about.

almost every untrained dog is reactive to something, other dogs, people , cars, you name it,.....essentially unstable.  In public you never know what these dogs will do.  So your dog needs to be able to handle about anything. 

I carry pepper spray and will spray any dog that try's to cause me trouble.  I spend a bunch of time and money training and don't need rude people and dogs interfering.

if y'all are interested I'll continue.  I love active dogs.



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I have read and heard of this...it sounds extremely interesting and I for one would enjoy hearing more! Also let me welcome you back!! Glad to hear from you and please continue posting...

As an avid dog lover,I love reading just about anything pertaining to them...especially in-depth training!

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Me give up? NEVER!

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