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A motorist was driving through an ordinary suburban neighborhood, when to his surprise, a pig ran out in front of his car.
He hit the brakes hard and came to a stop, barely making contact with the pig.
The animal was stunned by seemed unhurt.

A crowd of neighbors gathered around.
The motorist, very bewildered, asked advice.
"Where did this pig come from? How did he get to this neighborhood, anyway? I cant just drive off and leave him here! What should I do?"

One thoughtful onlooker spoke up.
"You know; there's a zoo a few miles away. They would know what to do. That's it! Why don't you take the pig to the zoo?"

The motorist agreed with his solution and drove off with the pig in his back seat.
The crowd went home, thinking the situation resolved.

Later that day, at the same corner, the neighbors saw the same motorist cruising by with the pig still in his back seat.
One flagged him to a stop and asked, "Hey, what's with the pig still in your car? I thought you were gonna take that pig to the zoo?
The motorist replied, "I did! And we had such a good time that now I'm taking him to the movies!"


Me give up? NEVER!

In memory of our friend, gone but NEVER forgotten!

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