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my big 3 upgrade w/pics

I'm currently in the process of upgrading my stereo system and am trying to get the car electronically prepared for this system so i don't tear up my new audio gear or worse, tear up my cars electronics. what good is a nice car audio set up if your car is parked broken? many upgrades will go along with this "big 3" upgrade as well, but I'm only writing on the "big 3" since its something that all of us can benefit from weather upgrading the car in ANY form or just leaving it as a nice Sunday stocker. It's fast easy cheap and needed!

i chose to do mine in 4AWG wire since I'm just adding to factory and my end goal won't require anything more. Most people will do this with 0/1/2AWG or a nice welding wire, and all of those choices are fine. i wouldn't recommend going any lower than 4AWG.

**this is the way i found best, I'm sure there are better ways and of course different ways.**


the big 3 for those that might not know is

1.power wire from battery to alternator

2.ground from battery to frame

3.ground from frame to block

here's how i did it....

starting with power from battery to alternator is easy and self explanatory so i wont spend much time explaining that one...all i did was run a length of wire from the positive battery terminal under the fuse box (just to follow factory wiring) and up the the positive bolt on the alternator...

mine looks like this.

Now to the grounds....

if you look down here

youll see an open hole you can use.

The thread of the hole is not as big as it looks. it uses the same thread as most all of the small bolts in the engine bay and inside the car, such as your battery tie down or fuel relay ect ect, so for me it worked out cause i have a box full of bolts and these are plentiful. You could also go to any auto or hardware store and pick whatever bolt style you wanted to use.

both of your grounds will go here, just like this.

Now that you have those bolted down the way you like you can run them where they go.

if you look down in here....

You'll see this...

right below the A/C compressor bracket you"ll see the empty hole there, this is where your factory engine ground was and where your factory engine ground and new ADDITIONAL ground will live. Now I've already moved the factory ground so i could clean and sand it just to be sure of good connection

So now just take one wire that you bolted to your frame and bolt the other end AND your factory engine ground here.

Mine looks like this...

The other wire you bolted to your frame will simply run up to your battery negative terminal along with the stock engine ground.

I decided to upgrade my battery terminals as well but what you do there is up to you.

My final product came out looking like this.


See simple and cheap, and by no means do you have to do exactly what i did as far as locations, or places i used for grounds, this was just the most reachable for me and allowed me to follow the factory harness routing for the most part.

I'm now sitting at an optimal 14.57 at all times, and have a little more peace of mind.

Toyota didn't leave us much room amperage wise so when we add in more and more modern electronics we aren't left with much wiggle room, so every little bit you can do to help your system is very beneficial.

This simple upgrade can often times stop voltage drops and light dimming, and just an over all easing of the electrical system.


R.I.P Tango miss you my brother. we will truly never forget you.

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