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How to Check Camshaft Lift .
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Here is how you check camshaft Lift . This can help if you have a good camshaft and can't I.D it . Sometimes the camshaft maker marks the cam part# on the end or the advertised Duration . I took these pictures with one hand trying to hold the camshaft and Digital Caliper so I Locked in the readings if the Tool does not Look Like it's right on .  

(1) Zero your Caliper on the flat of your camshaft Lobes .

(2) Ramp up your Caliper to the max reading on the camshaft Lobe

(3) Take that Reading and X it buy what the Factory Rocker arm raito is -> SB Chevy being 1.50 .


So 275 X 1.50 = 412.5 round that # off Less at 412" Lift because of dirt or camshaft coating on a new cam . 

Remember to check both an Intake and Exhaust Lobe . And all Lobes on a used camshaft to note wear . Also never mix up used Lifters per Camshaft Lobe .





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