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Ford “Thunderbolts” Page #3

1966 Ford Fairlane 427 Prototype 427 4-Speed

As early as November of 1964 the Ford Fairlane was campaigned as the vehicle of choice to be the powerhouse of Ford’s Drag Racing Division. It is obvious though reading the correspondence that the Special Vehicles Division was considering the 427 Mustang. The only trouble was that no plans existed for the FE engine to be offered for customer sale in the Mustang. The argument was made that with the Falcon dominating the economy events and the Mustang ruling production sports car competition, the Fairlane would be perfect in the drag racing arena and be ideal from the product planning viewpoint, and Ford management decided to use the Fairlane with the improved 427 side oiler engine (various 427 engine configurations had dominated NHRA). The Fairlane/Comet Vehicle Development Department requested five vehicles in support of the 427-4V/8V Fairlane development program.

A contemporary internal memo states, “NHRA created a new class for modified production cars that included the 426 CID Hemi Plymouths and Dodges and the 427 CID Fairlanes and Comets running in B and C/Super Stock Classes. Since these classes include our leading performance-image cars competing against the totally supported factory teams of Sox & Martin and Dick Landy’s Dodges and Plymouths, an all out effort will be made to gain supremacy in this area. Four 427 Fairlanes, two 4-V automatics and two 8-V four-speeds are being prepared at Holman and Moody and are to be sold in time to compete in the Support Stock Classes at the Spring Nationals.

“As a member of Ford’s elite Drag Team, Ed Terry was selected to drive the prototype 1966 Fairlane, VIN Number 6H43Z-105168. He will campaign the Fairlane in the B/SS class and will receive full parts support, travel expenses to major events and the car at year’s end.”

Ed Terry was on his way to winning SS/B at the U.S. Nationals against assorted Hemi Mopars but was disqualified in a post-race inspection. He was running legal Super Stock equipment, but Ford had not registered it s latest “Muscle Parts” hardware with NHRA. This did not deter Ed Terry as he continued to race successfully with this car. In 1969 he was picked by Ford to be one half of the elite West Coast Ford Drag Team with Dick Wood. (Hubert Platt and Randy Payne were the East Coast Team.)


- 427 CI engine
- Big input/output top loader 4-speed transmission
- Lightweight fiberglass lift off hood
- Rear axle housing control arms
- Radio delete
- Heater delete
- Documentation Includes: National magazines from the era featuring this car including a staging photo of a race with a '67 Dick Landy racecar, numerous Ford internal letters specifications, memos etc., including the significant $1.00 award letter from Ford to Ed Terry, Racing specifications for this vehicle, affidavit from Ed Terry authenticating this vehicle in 2000, scrap book with pictures, history, restoration, etc.
- In closing, 1966 Prototype Ford Fairlane 427 Factory Racecar VIN 6H43Z-105168 is the most significant of all of the 1966 427's in that it is the prototype that was raced by one of the most successful Ford factory sponsored drag racers of all time, Ed Terry.










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1967 Ford Fairlane R-Code Lightweight Factory Sponsored Racecar

Descended from the legendary Thunderbolt drag cars of 1964, which saw the first use of a powerful big-block V8 stuffed into the compact Fairlane body for drag racing, Ford’s R-code lightweight Fairlanes gave Ford racers an edge for several years thereafter.

The second generation Fairlane arrived in 1966 with sharper styling than previous models. Ford built a limited number using "Side Oiler" wedge 427 CI engines and the four-speed Top-Loader manual gearbox to qualify this combination for both NHRA and IHRA Super Stock racing. Finished in white and distinguished by their scooped fiberglass hoods, the 427 Fairlanes were equipped with stronger shock towers, stiffer front springs, power front disc brakes, heavy-duty rear suspension and bias-belted tires to cope with the extra grunt.

Rated at 425 hp, the 427-cid engine was the same unit found in Shelby's legendary Cobra and Ford’s GT40 MKII race cars. In standard trim, a stock 427 Fairlane could do the quarter-mile in less than 13 seconds and reach 60 mph in six seconds flat. Race prepared versions consistently ran in the low 11s.

The 1967 Fairlane saw only minor revisions to the grille and trim. Ford once again offered the 427 CI V-8 as the high performance option, either with two-barrel (the W-Code) or four-barrel (R-Code) Holley carburetors. Externally, there are few clues to the R-Code’s power. With many of the 1966 lightweights still competing, Ford produced fewer 1967 R-code Fairlanes, making them far rarer today.

The 1967 R-code Fairlane offered here, serial number 7H35R163904, was originally campaigned by veteran Ford drag racer Ed Skelton of Anderson, SC under the sponsorship of Guy’s Ford. Still equipped with its unique fiberglass hood, Detroit Steel Tubing Thunderbolt style rear control arms and the original data tag, it remains in the same configuration today as it was when Skelton piloted it 43 years ago, showing only 4 miles on the odometer, which was disconnected as part of the original race preparation.

Documentation for this rare original Ford factory racer includes the original Ford Motor Company statement of origin dated May 23, 1967, the letter from Ford dated July 7, 1967 awarding ownership to Mr. Edward Skelton, and the original Ford owner card.










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1964 Ford Thunderbolt 2-Door Sedan 425 CI, 4-Speed

- Number 57 on the list of 100 Thunderbolt's produced
- In mid-production of the Thunderbolt, NHRA made Ford change fiberglass to aluminum on the front bumper, a small amount of cars were produced with the remaining stock of fiberglass bumpers with the aluminum bumpers bolted over it
- Campaigned by Jones Ford in Virginia, purchased by Caldera and driven by his partner Cohen
- After Cohen's death in 1980, Caldera moved to California and the car sat dormant until 2006, was purchased by super stock and AFX restorer Randy Delisio
- Restoration completed with the assistance of Howie Nisgor original designer of the paint scheme and graphics. He lettered and reapplied the mural 32 years after the first time in 1974
- Restoration featured in Hemmings Muscle Machine magazine in 2008, 2010 Mattel Corporation chose this car for their Hot Wheels Dragstrip Demon series

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1967 Ford Fairlane R-Code 427ci 4-speed


- Original one owner
- Marti report
- Factory built "R" code
- Heater delete, no radio
- Raced in NHRA stock/ super stock class 1967-1974 under the name "Wrecking Crew"
- NHRA US Nationals class champion
- Restored from racing livery to as delivered condition
- Extremely low miles. Driven from dealer to home (32 miles)
- Odometer disconnected for drag racing for 7 years and only driven locally to a few hometown car shows
- Only 35 of this car with engine type manufactured in 1967
- Extremely rare Ford Fairlane
- Fiberglass hood included
- Original data tags

















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1963 Ford Galaxie 2-Door 427/425 HP, 4-Speed

- 1963 1/2 Ford Galaxie
- R-code 427/425 HP engine
- 4-speed transmission
- Assembled at Schott-Hamco Ford
- Ford factory fiberglass inner and outer fenders, hood and trunk
- Aluminum Bumper and bumper brackets
- Raced at Beechmont and Edgewater dragstrips in Cincinnati, Ohio
- Took 25 years to restore with NOS parts
- Completed restoration in 2008
- 31 miles since restoration
- 1st place Carl Casper Louisville, KY 2008 and 2009
- Top 25 GoodGuys, Bowling Green, KY
- 1st place Beatersville, Louisville, KY

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I cannot think to leave you now . For that alone I still fight on .

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